January 22, 2009

Flickr Love: Peacocks

I was looking through a box of things the other day and noticed I had clipped quite a few images of peacocks. So, instead of spending two days looking through my files for a good pic of a peacock, I thought I'd choose some from my Flickr faves. Enjoy.

1. Inner Glow, 2. Peacock Plumes, 3. Vanity = Peacock, 4. Peacock, 5. White box, 6. cactus flower with peacock feather


Suze said...

Suze from Italy here!
I found this post of yours by chance: nice! Lately I have a crush on peacocks too! See here: http://www.dailysuze.com/blog5.php/2009/09/27/beautiful-today-peacocks

Lovely blog you have!

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