January 29, 2009

Polaroid Zone

Lately I've been seriously in a Polaroid zone. I have barely used my beloved Canon 30D- I have been trapped in my house for a little over a month now with short outings for physical therapy. In case you didn't know, I dislocated my knee back in December. I had no idea how long the healing and recovery time would be. So anyway, I have been playing around with all of my Polaroids- and believe me, there are many. I've been putting up some of the images on my Etsy shop-- but am finding myself less and less inspired with my available subject matter. Do any of you have some suggestions for me as to what makes a great indoor subject using a polaroid camera? Keep in mind, I'm open to experimenting with lighting and the use of flash.
{the photo above was taken with a Bronica and a Polaroid 669 film back, then transfered onto photo paper. good times!}


cara said...

What a beautiful photography. I'm sorry to hear about your knee, I've been stuck inside for 6 weeks at a time and it's TEDIOUS, so I sympathise. I took lots of photos of flowers (brought home by The Husband) and my favourite objects - bowls, baking equipment, shoes, jewellery etc. Not with anything as exciting as a polaroid camera though!

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