March 5, 2009

I turned 34.

Yesterday was my 34th birthday. I had seriously mixed emotions about it. Now , before you all go telling me how young I still am, I know. I have many years of living ahead of me. Yet I was plagued with feelings of " but I haven't done (insert great accomplishment here) yet." Maybe that happens to all of us? I went on to have a relatively peaceful evening. My husband cooked dinner, and I got a TON of Polaroid film. Awesome. Maybe I'll stop thinking about my laugh lines and weird forehead anomalies now.


Anonymous said...

Cool collage!

Sareberry said...

Happy (Belated)Birthday! And welcome to the club. My sister, who also happens to be my closest friend left to live in France the day before my 34th last August, I totally fell apart. Talk about worrying about everything you haven't done! Great part is, talk about getting spurred on to do it! Hope your 34th year is a great one! I know mine has been so far!

Miss | A said...

happy birthday!!! well belated I guess.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

You are not old because you a few weeks younger than I am (turned 34 on Feb. 20)! I love your photo collage. In this post I can relate to 1) feeling plagued with feelings of "but I haven't done (insert accomplishment here) yet," and 2) a tray full of cupcakes as the ultimate sign of a celebration. Happy belated birthday!

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