March 9, 2009

New puppies... and a sad discovery..

I hadn't gotten around to posting the news yet that I got a puppy. She is part Lab, part Chow. She is now just over 8 weeks old. Here she is... she doesn't really have a name yet...

I was searching online for information about chows and labs, and I came across the news that Martha Stewart's puppy, Ghenghis Khan, had been killed in a horrible propane explosion where he was staying , Pazzazz Pet Boarding kennel. Little Ghenghis was the grandson of her other Chow Chow, Paw Paw, who passed away of natural causes last April. I'm just getting used to being the owner of a dog- but my heart goes out to Martha, losing a pet is awful. Here is a photo of the little guy, found on Martha's Blog

Rest in Peace little guy.


Green Girl said...

Hi Rachel, i'm so happy for you! I've been wanting to have a dog for the longest time but somehow i'm still waiting for the right time.

As for losing pets, I know how heartbreaking it is. I lost a puppy back in hi-school when he got out of the house and got hit by a car. it was one of the worst days of my life.

I've been following this other blog, Spencer. He's a golden retriever and just passed away last feb. due to cancer. Although i never him personally, I'm still saddened by the loss. dogs are really family.

Malory Rebekah said...

Congratulations on your new addition! :) He's super cute!!
I'd love to have a pug but my husband isn't very fond of the idea.

That's so sad about MS's dog! That seems like a crazy accident. Were any other animals harmed?

Rachel B said...

There were around 15 other animals killed in the explosion. It's horrible.

Stacey said...

Oh, that is a sad story about Martha's dog. On a happier note, your little fella looks like a good snuggler, congrats on the new addition to your family.

cara said...

You got a puppy!!! She's so gorgeous and I'm so jealous!

What sad news about Martha Stewart's doggy and all the other animals that were killed though, losing pets is heartbreaking.

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