March 18, 2009

Pocket Posh Puzzles

These puzzle books are so pretty! I love to do crosswords and word searches to pass the time in airports, or waiting for the train- or waiting in a doctor's office. These make it even more fun. They each are around 4x6 inches and have the most beautiful cover art! After you remove the label, it looks like a journal, but inside, there are 100 puzzles. Each book contains one type of puzzle, sudoku, word search, logic, or crosswords. I think these would make a great little gift for your mum on mother's day- or for a design conscious gal pal's birthday. I'm torn between favorite covers- I love the sudoku cover- but I also love the feel of the logic cover- it is flocked and velvety. They can be found at Andrews Mcmeel Publishing. Go check out the other beautiful styles!
{photos by me}


Anonymous said...

This will be a perfect gift for my mother. Thank you!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

the covers are so pretty too! :)

Darrah said...

What a fantastic idea! I was just on a plane to LA this last weekend, and needed something like this. Great design too!

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