August 20, 2009

She turned 10 today.

This is my oldest daughter, Syd. She turned 10 years old today. Let me get a bit personal- it was a difficult labor. I was only 24 and I was scared. It took 32 hours for her to come into this world.
She was beautiful, healthy, and perfect. She didn't sleep a full night until she was 10 months old.
Now she sleeps like a rock! She is charming, sweet, funny, helpful and kind. People used to remark on how lovely she was- and ask me how I did it. I had to say that my parenting had very little to do with her personality. She has been this way since she was born, all on her own. She is a wonderful little soul. Happy birthday Sydney! I love you.

{photograph by me}


Kathy Dye said...

I remember the no sleeping, the stress of it all and "how am I going to be a mom?"... and here you are, 4 kids later! Piece of cake right? ;-)


Ms. Dio said...

She's beautiful!

Spankey42 said...

I can't believe she's 10 already!

tenthings. said...

what a doll!

and jewelry said...

she's so beautiful! :)

KnockKnocking said...

She is so darling!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so beautiful, and you can see what a great soul she's got just by looking at those eyes!
Happy birthday!

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