September 15, 2009

I love this Poncho!

This poncho is amazing. I probably own more ponchos than the average person- I mean, I even have a patchwork leather poncho with fringe. Not Kidding. I did portraits of my daughters in matching ponchos. You get the point. I love them. Seriously, this my be the most beautiful poncho I have ever seen. I found it in Silvia 66's shop on etsy. Her work is so unbelievable! Go have a look. You'll want one too.


pretty*pink*rat said...

I'm a poncho lover too, despite my little bro claiming I look like I'm wearing a giant doily. He doesn't know anything!

I just discovered an old lace wrap of mine that I wonder if I could style like this...?

Unknown said...

I own a couple of ponchos to and I love them, but I don't get to wear them much here in very warm Israel... Hope this Fall gets to be a bit more Fall-like and I will get better wear of them this year :)
This poncho BTW is really pretty, I agree!

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