January 14, 2010

What's so great about Colorado?

I have been to Colorado a couple of times. I have good friends who live there. They used to live here. I feel like Colorado is a friend thief. I'm kind of upset with Colorado. Another friend of mine is moving to Boulder next week. Now, I will grant you that Peoria Illinois is lacking in - well- opportunities, diversity, entertainment.... ok you get the point.
I am not in the position to move anywhere. Not yet at least. I always envisioned a place like Northern California, or Oregon. I love the ocean. BUT.... with all of my friends moving to this alluring place we call Colorado, I've been reconsidering. I did have amazing experiences there... The city of Denver is awesome, even the airport in Denver is awesome. My friend in Fort Collins is all about insects... and plants.. and science. My oldest daughter is like that too. Maybe that would be a good place to start her out on her educational path?
The mountains are beautiful, the streams and lakes and reservoirs are unbelievably sparkling and clean.... hmmm..... and what if I could wake up to a view like this one every day? and teach my children to ski... and learn to rock climb... and take a job at a cafe for fun...


HereBeDragons said...

I tried to move to Colorado, but got stuck in San Diego. It's a hard knock life!

jessica swift said...

OH YES!! I am from Colorado, and I can attest to how wonderful it is! I grew up in Boulder, and I miss living there so much... sorry it's a friend thief, but it's very understandable why your friends love it there so much. :)

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