March 29, 2010

Malfunctioning Blogger?

My blog is behaving crazily today. I noticed earlier that it had magically reverted to my old blog banner, then somehow it fixed itself. Now, while trying to upload a lovely photo, the blogger message is that my photo "has been added" and yet there is no photo in the post. So, for the first time ever, I am giving you a post without a photo. I'm not surprised at this malfunction, really, as I have had the worst luck lately! Anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. I've been pretty positive about it. Just giggling at the little things that are off. I know that there will be an upswing... eventually! So, in the meantime, I am crocheting a hat, drinking tea, and relaxing. Take that, Murphy's Law!!


Theresa said...

My web experience has been like that lately! I can relate. Do you think, or I dare say blogger has been having a bit of trouble lately?
Hoping the upswing comes soon!

Ashley said...

Yes. It was completely frustrating, today! They were working on the photo uploading part of blogger or something... Thought it was just me for a while, though. Reminds me that I need to back-up more often. Lovely site!

Kenna Elizabeth said...

I *LOVE* your attitude and approach here! :) I've been trying to learn to approach all the mishaps with a little more of the spunk, "laughability," and grace you portrayed in this post. Good for you! :)

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