April 23, 2010

A winner!

And the winner is....
Lupen! I emailed you !

Thank you to all of you who blogged, tweeted, commented and followed! You can be sure that I will have another one of these giveaways since I have very large collection that I could happily share. ; )


Matt Allen Photography said...

Congrats Lupen! Use it well!!

Sarah Ann said...

Yay! Have fun with it Lupen!

memegalarce said...

Lucky you!!! congrats and enjoy it :)

L.G. said...

Thanks Rachel and everyone !! I just got the camera in the mail today and to say the least , I'm thrilled !!!

and it was packaged with so much sweetness and beauty :)

Will post soon about it too on my blog.

Thank you again !!


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