May 7, 2010

Lovely lavender pillow from Mireio

I am in love with the lavender pillows from Mireio. I personally have 3 of these amazing spa pillows and they are amazing. The scent is lovely and they are so comfortable to rest your head on. I actually sleep with mine as if it were a lovey. Maybe that was too much information. : )
Mireio also features soy candles and vintage items- go check her out- I promise you'll love it too!

{image from Mireio}


thursday said...

That sounds perfectly lovely you know. I wouldn't mind crawling into bed with one of these tonight.

Wende said...

Awww, Rachel!! Such a nice write up. I'm so glad you love the pillows! I'm always excited to see a sale from you. :D Thanks!!!

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