June 24, 2010

Polaroids from Colorado...

While on my trip in colorado, I used the last of my Polaroid film. It expired in 2005, so many of the images had marks on them- some even over more than half of the photo. This one is my favorite, apart from one I took of my daughter. Even with its flaws, I still love Polaroid the best.


Lauren Nicole said...

polaroid is a totally different medium of film photography and i think that's why i like it so much. it doesn't take itself too seriously, yet in a way it does. the images, yeah, aren't amazing and crystal clear or anything, but that's the wonder and beauty of them i think. the mark on your photo and almost any others, just adds to the loveliness of it all. as i said, completely different type of film photography, so you can't treat it the same way and be upset that the image isn't perfect like on 35mm or something. <3 <3
- L

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