October 26, 2011

When is the perfect time?

I read a post recently here. It made me think about how many times I personally have put off getting portraits taken. The photo above is about 3 years old. It isn't really that flattering for me. But look at my girls. They look happy. I look happy- but I remember what my thought was as my husband snapped the photo.

I thought, "Oh god I look awful. Hair up, no makeup, huge hoodie, bad angle."

In 20 years, will my girls look at this and think, wow mom looks so bad? Or will they try to remember that day? The day when we all played out in the yard and they crawled all over me?

I'm glad I have this photo. There are so few of my kids with me. I have very few photographs of me with my mother. It's unfortunate.

The photo below is 2 years old. The last image that has us all in it. I took it with a self timer. It's hilarious. But I love it anyway.

So, I suggest that you make an appointment to have your family portrait taken. It doesn't matter if it's with me or with another photographer. Even if it's at Portrait Innovations or Sears or whatever.

Your kids will thank you later. They love you. They think you are amazing and beautiful.
Right now.


linden said...

You are beautiful! I have a really hard time taking the risk of having photos of me taken as well. I am still trying. I'll see you in the Lodge with pixie!

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