September 3, 2012

A Curiosity Giveaway!

We've been getting a lot of love on both the Tumblr and Etsy communities of late, from some really awesome followers and a large number of just outstanding treasuries.  Positive word of mouth is a powerful thing, and we're extremely grateful for all your reblogs and linkbacks and treasuring.  It's been amazing, really.  So we thought a little celebratory giveaway was in order!

What you can win

This here miniature curiosity collection!  Twelve vintage watchmaker vials containing:  squirrel vertebra, baby blue parakeet feathers, coyote toe bone, red fox claw, red Mediterranean coral, crinoid fossils, black snail shell, mouse bones, moss agate chips, mink tooth, rat leg bone, and pyrite chips.  The vials live in a little royal blue case.  It's all very pretty, you will love it.

What you do

There are a few ways you can win this tiny cabinet of curiosities.  If you're on Tumblr, you can simply follow us (if you aren't already) AND reblog the giveaway announcement post -- you can "like" it too, but we only count the reblogs! 

If you have another blog elsewhere, you can create a blog post which must include the following details:  1) the photo above of the giveaway prize, 2) a link back to the giveaway listing so that others can get the relevant details, 3) your favorite Feather & Moss collection, past or present!, 4) and then please send us a link to your blog post at so we can count you!

Have more than one blog?  Then you have more than one chance to win!  Get the message out on, say, both Tumblr and Blogger and you'll get your name in the hat twice!  (You can post as much as you want on any one blog, however, multiple posts on one individual blog will only be counted once, i.e., multiple Tumblr posts only count as one vote.  You increase your odds by posting on different blogs.  Make sense?)

How this is gonna go down

This is a names-in-a-hat thing; we'll draw the winner at 8am (Central Time) on Monday, September 10th and contact you immediately.  We need to hear back from the winner within 24 hours with your mailing info (a re-draw will occur if not).  We will announce the winner here and on Tumblr as soon as we make contact with the winner!

The giveaway is open to all our international friends, too.  All ya'll can play!

Good luck, and thank you everyone for showing us your love!!


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