November 29, 2008

Attention Shoppers!

No, just kidding- I was just thinking about yesterday's shoppers. Really, did you have to get up at 4 am to go get a freebie bag filled with poor quality trinkets and get a 2 dollar discount on a toy you didn't really want anyway? I think it's just that people need to compete for things. People love the feeling that they got there first, or they got the last one, or they really took charge when someone else was trying to grab that last elmo doll out of their hands. Then also, I think it's that you get to tell other people about your shopping misadventures. I was not among the early risers on black friday. I was sleeping. I did, however, venture out later in the evening to pick up some film, and go to the post office. Parking lots were full, traffic was in full force. I even saw a man jump out of his car at a stop light in order to walk over to another car, try the door handle and scream at the driver. I couldn't believe it. Obviously it was some sort of traffic dispute- but really- THE GUY TRIED THE DOOR!! what was he going to do to that woman? Rough her up? Drag her from the car and - um, what? If I could have seen his license plate I would have called the police. Yay holiday spirit! I mean, come on people! You know the traffic will be bad on this day. If you can't handle it, then stay home!
On that note- I will leave you with a photo of my peaceful morning coffee. No traffic, no lines, no angry moms on a hunt for that last sock monkey ; )
Just a quiet cup of coffee.


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