November 18, 2008

Cold days ahead...

I've been thinking about the weather the last few mornings. It really keeps people from getting outside- especially me. So, I stand by my kitchen sink and look out the window. and sometimes take a photo like this for fun. But I find that it isn't enough to photograph still lifes and nature all through the cold months.
Being an on location photographer in Central Illinois has its drawbacks- the weather is one of them. So i was thinking that I would like to offer a special for those people out there who are willing to brave the cold. No session fee for portrait shoots. That's right, all you would have to buy are the prints. Get on all your cute outerwear and lets have a ball! Red noses and everything. So, yeah- between now and the end of January I will offer a free session that includes about 1 hour of shooting time. I will then put up your photos in an online gallery to view and order. The gallery will be up for 14 days. Simple right? So go buy a new scarf and call me!!


Malory Rebekah said...


do you have a minimum purchase requirement?

P said...

What a cute idea. Love it.

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