March 16, 2009


I just have to tell you all about a wonderful blog recently launched by artist Jess Gonacha. here is her description of this project:

"we think in pictures. we all have desires and dreams. we all feel discouraged sometimes. what better way to lift our spirits and bring our dreams into being than through pictures? this blog is for that. it's for me and for you, so we can paint and draw and photograph and collage our abundant reality! i want your images to be on this blog-- create something special, or send something that you've already made-- if it's aligned with the theme of abundance, i want to see it and help you share it with the world!"

Go have a look- and maybe contribute your own image of abundance!


Unknown said...

thank you thank you, my dear!!

surfy birdy said...

i love pecannoot! jess goncha is amazing. ☺

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