March 16, 2009

Vintage Find : Dinnerware

I am in love with this pattern on this plate I recently thrifted. The colors are perfect (my favorites) - too bad there was only one!! I can barely contain myself when I find vintage ceramics, dishware or pottery- even old mismatched flatware. I found something else that's spectacular- but I'll save that for tomorrow.
{photo by me}


Unknown said...

now that is just gorgeous. i am absolutely jealous right now! (in a good way- i'm glad you scored that plate!)

Green Girl said...

you're right! the pattern on that plate makes it worth keeping. great find =)

cara said...

Me neither! I'm always trying to buy old plates and cups, I especially love single ones. But my boy hates 'granny china' so I try to limit myself. Reading this makes me want to go shopping though!

surfy birdy said...

lovely thrifting find! i love finding treasures. its good to find you too ☺

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