August 10, 2009

My girl is four years old today.

My daughter, Finley, is 4 years old today. She was feeling a bit moody this morning, so I thought a moody black and white shot was in order. Happy Birthday Fin!

{photo by me}


Kathy Dye said...

Awh that's cute!

Danielle said...

Happy birThday Finley, I'm always grumpy in the morning too xxx

Heather said...

Happy Birthday! She may be a little moody in the photo, but she's adorable!

jana said...

can I nibble her nose please :) so cute, I can't stand it; wish we lived closer, we could have a playdate.

she is amazingly darling, in any mood.

ellie of mint said...

beautiful, and what a great name she has!

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