January 27, 2011

Thinking back...

Perhaps the first things I should say are these... no I am not currently pregnant. no I was not pregnant with twins. and yes, that was really me, at 37 weeks pregnant.
I was thinking back to what it felt like to be pregnant... all excited about the new baby... girl or boy?... buying baby things... and so I decided to inject myself with a dose of reality. By nature- and genetics I suppose, I happen to get really REALLY large during pregnancy. Even only having gained 40 pounds with my little boy, the weight seemed to hit 3 main spots. Boobs, Belly, and Butt. I was 53 inches around the waist when this was taken. Yeah. NOT COMFY!!
I wouldn't trade my little man for a ticket to all the carnivals in the world, but seriously why couldn't I have been one of those amazingly cute gals with the normal body with a little basketball under their shirts?
Just sayin' ...


Dori the Giant said...

Holy shit!
There should be a world record for this.
Biggest pregnant belly.

That looks absolutely crazy.

Rachel B said...

It really was crazy!! Everyone thought I was having twins and that the doctor made a mistake. :)

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