June 23, 2009

It's So Early!!!

I got up super early today and decided that I had enough time to show you all a really lovely polaroid I got recently. The colors are so vibrant! I love it how my camera surprises me every time. I am going to try to sneak in posts when I can- but forgive me if they are all my polaroids- it takes time to research all my other finds!!
{photo by me}


surfy birdy said...

that is a great photo! lovely colors. :)

Green Girl said...

i love your polaroid pics... i can totally understand not being able to post daily...just dropped by to say hello:)

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Wow, I love the yellow centers with those bright pink petals! Great photo!

Dionne said...

Wow - these colors are so vivid. Stunning photo!

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