February 1, 2011


This isn't a great photo (I opened the front door a tiny bit and snapped)... but, I wanted to write a bit about the amazing storm we're having here and I couldn't possibly blog without a photo. : )
So... as you may know, I live in the midwest , and right now there is a blizzard on top of us. I like weather. I am sort of geeky. I have been looking outside throughout the day watching the snow swirl into drifts around our house... and just a while ago, there was a flash of light- and then... thunder! We are having what is called Thundersnow. I haven't heard thunder during a snowstorm since I was a kid. How cool!


Pixie said...

We didn't get a blizzard...this time, but we did have snow and thunder also! It was so cool.

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